"This film is everything on so many levels. Not just for folks who love women or bikes. But rather for everyone bc the story is layered just like our existence. For those that know pain and struggle, conflict, joy, sisterhood, parenting, violence."

Red Bike Green - Atlanta

"There is an authentically nuanced intersectional feminist approach that rings true throughout "Ovarian Psycos". The Ovas are an empowering example of intentional and inclusive community organizing that centers the voices and needs of women of color. The film resonates with an insightful view into how being unapologetic and outspoken in taking up space and reclaiming legacies can lead to transformative cycles of healing and change.”

 Des Buford, Director of Exhibition & Programming at Frameline


"We never needed validation from any one or a doc to tell us that what we were doing was worth doing, but god damn it was so surreal to feel like people cared, like people were listening."

Andi Xoch, film participant, Founding Ova, & Founder Ni Santas Collective


“The Ovarian Psycos remind us of the Chicano Power movement that emerged from L.A. in the late 1960s…The cinematography of the rides helps us see why these women feel most protected and free while riding together. They challenge the stereotypical expectations of femininity as they confront the sexism, racism, and violence in their lives.”

Lois Vossen, Independent Lens Executive Producer


“Bravo to the filmmakers of OVARIAN PSYCOS, a visually stunning film, replete with poetry, energy and storytelling that will move and inspire.”

Renee Tajima-Peña, Documentary Filmmaker & Professor UCLA Asian American Studies


“OVARIAN PSYCOS is an empowering and entertaining feminist ride.”

Kate Amend, Editor & Board of Governors, Academy of Art and Motion Pictures


      “[The] project is like watching something I must have dreamt about as a young girl come to life.”

Rea Tajiri, Film and Video Artist


“The directors have crafted an incredibly powerful documentary about the strength and perseverance of Latina women that resonated deeply with our audience. The film was a great starting point for dynamic conversations about women’s  issues, community, violence, gentrification and the relevance and power of indigenous & Chicana cultures.”

Consuelo Alba, Executive Director , Watsonville Film Festival

“The screening was a huge success - I was amazed at how many people showed up...One woman asked if anyone would be interested in forming an all female bike group in Beirut, we'll see what happens!”

Sacha Robehmed, Dammeh Cooperative, Beirut, Lebanon


“It was wonderful watching the women of color in the space relate and feel empowered by the documentary and some of the men of color feel a little uncomfortable or challenged by the documentary. We appreciated the Q&A with the Directors, and were happy to share this inspiring, and surprisingly personal, documentary with our communities.”

Darryl Ratcliff, Co-Founder, Ash Studios